Fall 2023 Newsletter

Director's Message

Newcomers, welcome! Veterans, welcome back! This promises to be another action-packed year in Medieval Studies at IU. Below, you’ll find info on our early fall semester events: our annual Distinguished Alumni Lecture, delivered by Professor Anna Shields of Princeton University, and our welcome Garden Party (where you’ll have a chance to collect a free medieval studies book and enjoy pastries and other treats). Be sure to check your emails and the MEST calendar for the announcement of Spring semester events like our annual Mediaevalia at the Lilly lecture and workshop. This Spring, MEST will also be collaborating with our colleagues in Ancient Studies for a Spring Symposium. I will be writing soon with more information, but I encourage all graduate students and faculty interested in participating in the planning of the Symposium to contact me (jmschott@indiana.edu).

We also owe debts of gratitude to Profs. Morten Oxenboell and Joey McMullen, both of whom completed 2-year terms on the MEST Executive Committee. Thanks also to Profs. Deborah Deliyannnis and Heather Blair, who will each be serving the second years of their terms in 2023-2024. Service on the Executive Committee is crucial to the success of the Institute, and I will be writing soon to solicit nominations and self-nominations to stand for election for our two open Committee seats.

In addition, my term as MEST Director will end in June, 2024. We will be conducting an election for the Directorship in the Spring semester. If you might be interested in standing for election, and would like to know about what the position entails, feel free to contact me.


Jeremy Schott

Shirley Cox Undergraduate Medieval Studies Awardees

Lizzie Gaugel

EG-Headshot.jpgLizzie Gaugel graduated in May of 2023 with a BA in English and a minor in Medieval Studies. Her senior thesis was titled “Conquer the women, conquer the flesh’: The necessity of masculinization in Christian holy women in medieval England”. Her research synthesizes medieval studies and gender studies, and her work is primarily concerned with how gender expression and identity intertwine in medieval England. Other research interests of hers include courtly love, medieval English monasticism, and medieval Christian mysticism. Outside of research, Lizzie enjoys reading contemporary fiction, hiking, and growing her budding DVD collection. She is now employed by Writing Tutorial Services at IU Bloomington and looks forward to growing her knowledge of pedagogy.


Victoria Killion

Victoria-Killion.pngI am a senior studying Spanish Education with a minor in Medieval Studies. My focus is medieval Spain and researching the three Abrahamic religions that coexisted and fought during the centuries of the Reconquista. I will be using the award to fund my study abroad in the spring semester of 2024 with the Global Gateways program through the School of Education. I plan to visit many medieval sites and discover more about Islam and Judaism in Spain, as they are often shrouded by the predominant Christian narrative. I hope to bring this research forward in my teaching to shed light on how history and beliefs have shaped the current world.


Matthew Nokes

Matthew-Nokes.pngI was graciously granted the Shirley Cox Award for my paper titled "Meat and Culture in Early Medieval Ireland: The Vision of Mac Conglinne." The project was an analysis of social class and meat-eating in the Medieval Irish vision poem, written for LAMP-L416: The Meat We Eat. The poem itself was very entertaining to read. Monks, crucifixions, and cheese curds—what more could you want from a medieval story? I spent many hours chuckling to myself in the stacks of the Wells Library while researching this satirical work of art. My love for the medieval period took shape during my time at IU, and was spurred by Professor Deliyannis, who served as my advisor for the senior honors paper in history. I also thoroughly enjoyed Professor Caner’s Byzantine History class as well as two different classes about King Arthur my freshman year! The money I was granted from this award greatly aided me during my post-graduation job hunt, and I am sincerely grateful for the Medieval Institute at IU. I am currently working and studying to apply to law school in the fall.


Past Events

A Evening of Medieval Performances

Thank you to Professors Shannon Gayk and Liz Hebbard for organizing a lovely evening at Clayshire Castle last spring!

Screenshot-2023-09-07-at-5.25.48-PM.png Screenshot-2023-09-07-at-5.25.54-PM.png


Career Diversity Panel

Thank you to Trevor Verrot, Abby Ang, Chris Beck, Jess Leach, Natalie Levin, and William E. Smith III for their insightful comments! See the following link for a document with their notes, advice, and useful resources (especially for graduate students).