History from many angles

The Medieval Studies Institute is a center for the study of medieval cultures from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries. We provide support for study of the medieval world to students and faculty at Indiana University, and in the academy at large. Participating faculty are drawn from twenty academic departments at Indiana University.

We offer a variety of languages, including Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Latin. Our work is often interdisciplinary, looking at the relationships of religious, social, political, and aesthetic practices, text and objects. From poetics and folklore, to science and religious materials and figures, experienced faculty are your guide into this trip through history.

We also create opportunities for interdisciplinary conversation on campus, bringing scholars from other universities and countries to widen our dialogue and partnering with the extraordinary resources at Indiana University, such as the collections of medieval manuscripts at the Lilly Library and the Early Music Institute.

Our students and faculty study the histories and cultures of the world between 500-1500 AD, exploring the great diversity of the past.