Ph.D. Minor and Certificate

Demonstrate your Medieval Studies Expertise

Medieval Studies is defined by connections: between regions, between disciplines, between audiences, and even between time periods. Our Ph.D. minor and certificate are designed to help you make those connections through additional training in medieval studies beyond your own department.

PLEASE NOTE The minor changes below will go into effect in the 2024-2025 Academic Bulletin. Students who would like to receieve their minor prior to this change should follow our previous bulletin, which can be found here. Please be in contact with for more information.

The Medieval Studies minor and the certificate both start with one of four thematic clusters. These clusters allow doctoral students to develop their understanding of medieval studies as an interdisciplinary field and develop the skills required to do advanced research in an area of their choosing. The certificate adds an additional five elective courses to demonstrate advanced research skills in Medieval Studies.

The minor offers a four-course program of studies that substantiates your expertise in Medieval Studies for a secondary area of teaching or research expertise. The minor requirements should be completed prior to the PhD qualifying exams.

The certificate marks Medieval studies as as primary area of teaching and research by extending the coursework from four courses to nine. The certificate can be completed at any point in a Ph.D. program of studies.

The minor and certficate can be earned independently of each other, or you can earn a minor in-course as you pursue the certificate. If you choose to earn a minor in-course, the four-course cluster requirements should be completed prior to the PhD qualifying exams.