Fall 2022

Medieval Studies Fellowship Awardee: Zofia Ahmad

I graduated from Bates College with a double-major in Classics and Economics and went on to do a MA in Global and Comparative History at the University of Warwick and a MA in Economics at the Vancouver School of Economics before coming to IU for my doctorate in Central Eurasian Studies. My past research has focused on imperial structures and identity, as well as interactions across Eurasia in the ancient and medieval time periods and the impact of these interactions on understandings of space and the ‘other.’ I am particularly interested in the role that trade and the transportation of physical goods, people, and ideas played in the way individuals of all classes understood distant lands and cultures. I’m hoping to use my time here in Bloomington to merge my past experience with GIS and other digital methods with my historical interests to continue studying questions of imperial identities in antiquity from a diverse set of perspectives.